Nomination Letters – Shriners Hospital for Children

Annette Bradley

On June 11, 2012 I became very ill and my friend Annette Bradley, a nurse at Shriners Hospital, Boston, took me to the ER at a major hospital. I was registered and tucked away in a side room waiting for treatment. I cannot remember a day when I was so sick. The ER was short-staffed and overcrowded. Without a staff nurse to help me, Annette became my personal caregiver and advocate, cleaning up and keeping a cool cloth on my feverish brow. Annette spoke for me when I couldn’t speak for myself. She demonstrated genuine kindness, care, and compassion without any thought of repayment. She is my best nurse, and I wish to acknowledge and honor her goodness through nomination in the annual Salute to Nurses.


—Nominated by Jannel Vickers

All Nurses, Outpatient and Care Coordination Department

As the Nurse Manager of the Outpatient and Care Coordination departments at Shriners Hospital for Children, Boston, I would like to nominate an exceptional group of nursing professionals: the outpatient nurses, outpatient nurse practitioners, and the nursing care coordinators for the hospital. This amazing group of woman truly exemplifies what it means to be a nurse. They offer compassion, expertise, teamwork, integrity, and commitment to our pediatric patients, families, and colleagues. Our hospital cares for children from all around the world, many with small and large burn injuries; many receive care for many years post-injury. When I witness patients returning to our clinic with smiles and hugs for our nurses, despite the discomfort they may endure with dressing changes, I know their response is reflective of the wonderful, comprehensive care they’ve received during prior visits. I am very proud of these nurses and honored to work with them.


—Nominated by Arlene Swan-Mahony

Perioperative Services

Shriners is blessed with a team of perioperative RNs who certainly deserve recognition in the Boston Globe’s Annual Salute to Nurses. These nurses are team players, excellent caregivers, and true patient advocates. They are experienced and extremely knowledgeable in operative and post-operative burn care. Their compassion for the injured is immeasurable. I know this to be true, as I am a daily first-hand witness to their goodness, kindness, and self-control. They are dedicated to the finer details of patient care.

—Nominated by Jannel Vickers

Tracey Neault

Lt. Tracey Neault is one of our heroes. She is a dedicated pediatric burn nurse who is conscientious, innovative, caring, endearing, and genuine. She has a true love of nursing and makes a difference to the lives of her patients just by her presence, reassurance, and guidance. Tracey recently returned to us from a deployment to Afghanistan, serving our military and country. We couldn’t be more proud of her and feel her excellence should be applauded.


—Nominated by Judy Kilcullen, Sean Viera, Lisa Henry

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