Nomination Letters – Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

Karen DeBenedicts

Karen has worked her entire career at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital. She is a loyal, intelligent, compassionae nurse. She is consistantly kind to her patients and co-workers and has a great sense of humor. She started her career in medical/surgical nursing and transferred to the ER in 1987. Karen is a great supporter of all the initiatives the ER employs to improve patients’ satisfaction and the quality of their experience. She has a strong work ethic and went for years never using a sick day. She participates in efforts to clothe and feed the homeless. She has never been afraid to speak up and is a tremendous patient advocate. Karen is the first to send a card or console a co-worker. In April 2012, Karen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was obviously devastating to her and her family and to her extended family here in the ER. She had months of treatment that were extremely difficult but ultimately successful. Karen faced this adversity in her usual way; she is well read, well informed, full of determination and dedication. After a challenging year, she has returned to the workforce with a renewed appreciation of what it means to make a difference for a patient. She has shared with our staff what she has learned through her personal journey of pain and triumph. She has a great appreciation for the nurses who touched her life in the past year and a deep love for the profession. She is a humble person and quietly inspires us every day.


—Nominated by Brockton Hospital ER Nurses

Susan Mansfield

Susan Mansfield is simply an excellent nurse. Working on a busy medical floor, she frequently deals with patients who are confused and sometimes very belligerent. She has a way about her that is quite engaging and accepting of the patient, but she still maintains control of the situation. Her nursing skills are exemplary, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. Susan is well respected by everyone who works with her, and many people say that if they had to be in the hospital, she is the nurse they would like to have for themselves or their family members.


—Nominated by Jerry W. Caldwell

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