Nomination Letters – South Shore Hospital

Kathleen Fitzgerald

Kathy Fitzgerald took care of our mother at South Shore Hospital this past November. What was supposed to be an overnight stay turned into a four-night stay. We had recently lost our father at the same hospital, and Kathy saw the angst and worry that my brother and sisters were experiencing. She reassured us that our mother was going to be OK and explained in detail the complications that occurred. Kathy went above the call of duty in caring for my mother, knowing that my father wasn’t with her. She herself stayed when my mother was alone after we left and was there to greet her in the morning. We were very fortunate to have someone so special help not only my mother but also us during this very anxious time. Even more important, she reached out to us after my mother was home to make sure we were all doing well. Kathleen Fitzgerald has a kind heart and knows the true meaning of family.

—Nominated by Lori Sangster

Sara and Courtney

In July 2012 my father was rushed to South Shore Hospital. This event took the entire family by surprise. Several hours after he arrived, we were told he needed bypass surgery. That night when he was moved to ICU, Sara, the nurse on call, called my mother at 1 a.m. and told her he wasn’t doing well. Immediately, we rushed to the hospital but when we got there, my father had stabilized. Sara was an angel; she made sure my mother and I were comfortable and warm, and she kept us informed of the goings-on. Then my father coded. Before I knew it, there was a petite, 100-pound woman on top of a 220-pound man, working on him. Her quickness and determination kept my father alive and enabled him to have the needed surgery.


For the next week my father stayed in the ICU and was cared for Sara and Courtney, another ICU nurse. These two individuals were kind-hearted and family to be at my father’s side. When my father was moved to the third floor, they followed his care and would stop in to see us. Unfortunately, my father didn’t make it home, but during his final hours, these two remarkable women came by the room to make sure that we were okay. Courtney and Sara need to be recognized for the compassionate and excellent medical care they extended to my father and our family.

—Nominated by Lori Sangster

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