Nomination Letters – VNA Hospice Care

Peggy Tringale

Peggy Tringale of VNA is devoted beyond the call of duty. During the 14-inch snowstorm, she did not hesitate to drive from Reading to Brookline to attend to my wound. She has shown efficiency and compassion for the last three months.

—Nominated by Gustav Schachter

Fausat Ilupeju

For the second time in two years, I wish to nominate our VNA Home-Based primary care RN, Fausat Ilupeju, for her constant, compassionate, outstanding, and understanding care for this WW2 vet and her WW2 vet husband, Matthew Keany. Nurse Fausat demonstrates to both of us her knowledge of medical matters, answers questions, and dispenses efficiently her “caring’’ care. We believe in RN Fausat and welcome her caring visits.

—Nominated by Janet C. Re

Jessica Piper

If you want to see what a terrific nurse looks like, a picture of Jessica Piper pops up! Through VNA Hospice Care, she was there to help with my mother’s final days. It’s tough enough to do this job, but she also had to juggle the needs of our family: five children, spouses, and my father. She could have gotten a job in the Big Apple Circus. Not only was she warm, caring, and compassionate, but she was also skilled at helping to gently guide us through my mother’s medical pitfalls in her final days. Her smile and humor helped lighten the mood, but it never got in the way of her professionalism. In the end, it was Jessica who made us feel comfortable with our decisions, and my mom was able to peacfully drift off to sleep. That is why we are nominating Jessia Piper to be recognized as a terrific nurse with an amazing skill set to ably perform a most difficult job.


—Nominated by Liz Reilly

Laura Reed

Laura has never been my nurse, which I am thankful for at this point in my life, because she is a hospice nurse. She is a hospice nurse and she is my mom. We can’t choose our parents, but even if we could, I could not have chosen anyone better. My mom manages to have an overwhelming amount of compassion in a job that most people couldn’t imagine doing. What makes my mom an amazing nurse cannot be taught; it has been learned through experience. My mom puts all of her energy into caring for each and every one of her patients, just like she has for my brothers and me over the years. As emotionally draining as her day can be, my mom balances work and family life, sharing her heart and blessing everyone she takes care of.

—Nominated by Adair Carty

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