Nomination Letters – Winchester Nursing Center

Nancy Monaco

We imagine most nurses to be like those on televison shows: busy in the hustle of a hospital. However, the the nurse I am nominating for a salute is found in a calm, quiet nursing center. Nancy Monaco, LPN, is the nurse manager on A-unit at the Winchester Nursing Center. She has 20 beds that she monitors, but to Nancy she has 20 patients to love. She knows each of her patients and their families intimately. She knows something is different from the slightest changes in her patients. She is a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Nancy jokes with those who need a little laugh and hugs those who need a little lift. From the music she plays and the decorations she adds in the halls to the encouragement she gives to the most difficult patients, Nancy is always concerned for her patients’ well-being. Her unit has become a home to many patients, and she helps in every way to make it feel like their home. Nancy is a leader to us all, both residents and families, and she cares for the staff who have the honor of working with her. She has helped us not only to be better at our jobs but she has also helped us to be better individuals.

—Nominated by Doris Lombardi

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