Entry-level role in biotech

Q: How would I land an entry-level biotechnology job? How do I make my resume stand out? How do I get a temp job in a hospital?

A: Congrats on your eagerness to join a growing field! Biotech jobs can include developing new drugs and therapies, creating tools for detection of new and/or existing diseases, analyzing pesticide usage within commonly grown crops, exploring alternative fuels for both commercial and residential application or reducing the rate of infectious diseases. One website to bookmark is the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council site, As of today, this site has over 1000 jobs posted on it. The jobs range from a Clinical Laboratory Manager to a QA Associate.

Having a degree in a scientifically-oriented field would be helpful. Some of the degrees that could be good paths to a career in biotech include biology, chemistry, nursing, laboratory science or even biotechnology. Biotech is career path which often requires an advanced degree. Evaluate which jobs often require advanced degrees.


If you are earning a degree in a scientific field, it would be helpful to secure an internship in a related field. Internships are valuable in several ways. First, they provide job-related experience. Second, internships broaden your network of professional contacts in this field. Third, when looking for an entry-level role, to have a biotech company’s name on your resume is a plus.

Your resume will stand out if it is well-designed, error-free and contains industry-related experience. Have a trusted friend or relative review your resume. Most of us don’t find our own typos or mistakes when we edit and re-edit a document.


Regarding a temporary role in a hospital, check out the organization’s website. If you know anyone who works there, he or she could be helpful in sharing what areas might be hiring. Reach out to an HR team member in a professional way. Tell him or her you are interested in a temp role. Explain that you are open and willing to try any entry-level role.

Good luck in finding an entry-level role in biotech!

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