Discouraged job seeker

Q: I have been unemployed since the end of May. I have tried everything to get a new job – job fairs, networking, traditional applications online and through the mail, asking friends and family if they know any leads….. it has been a nightmare search process, and I am losing steam. How can I reinvigorate my search? I am in the education field (looking at both teaching and non-teaching jobs).

A: You sound discouraged. A job search can have plenty of disappointments and setbacks. You are not alone.

Some advice:
1. Don’t isolate yourself. Join a networking group. When you find a good networking group, you should leave there feeling energized about moving forward with your search. A networking group serves as a support system. Additionally a well-run networking group can be a source of job leads as well as new or alternative ideas on how to run your search. There are several outstanding networking groups in he Boston area. Acton, Hopkinton, Temple Emanuel in Andover are all networking groups with a strong and loyal following.


2. Re-connect with your college or university. College career services offices should not just serve recent grads but offer services for alums as well. Your alumni office may also run networking events.

3. Check out meet-up groups, www.meetup.com. I found this group when review job seeker groups on www.meetup.com. http://www.meetup.com/Effortless-Networking-for-Job-Seekers/

4. Get active using social media. Join LinkedIn. Begin using twitter. Check job boards but be careful not to use a computer as your sole job search tool.

5. Find new ways to connect with others. The Newton Free Library has an incredible range of services for job seekers. Visit http://guides.newtonfreelibrary.net/jobhunter for more information. At 7pm on Thursday, November 14, Joan Cirillo, President and CEO of Operation A.B.L.E. is speaking about challenges and approaches for the mature job seekers. Cirillo’s presentation is part of a regular series at the library called the Job Seekers and Career Development series facilitated by Tammy Gooler Loeb.

6. Lastly consider substitute teaching to begin building relationships within school systems. Often these roles can evolve into longer term assignments for teachers requiring medical and/or personal leaves.

Don’t give up hope. A job search is a full-time and exhausting process. There will be lows and there will be highs. Keep swinging.

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