2013 review: is it a lost cause?

Q: In January, 2014 I was supposed to be given a performance review by my manager. In late January, my manager left the company and my performance review was never done. I have a new manager but how is she supposed to evaluate my performance for all of 2013 when I didn’t even work for her then? I find my performance reviews to be helpful and my former manager always shared a lot of constructive feedback. Now what? How do most companies handle this?

A: It is refreshing to hear that you have received helpful feedback through your company’s performance review process. This is one of the most critical components of a sound performance review system: valuable feedback is given to help an employee continue to improve and develop.

Ideally, your former manager shared feedback (and it could have been either written or verbal) about your 2013 performance with your new manager. Perhaps your former manager may still be willing to share observations regarding your 2013 performance. Your new manager could do a few things – 1. Conduct a review on your 2013 performance based on your former manager’s feedback or 2. Wait until June, 2014 and give me a more comprehensive review in June of 2013 and the first half of 2014.

What you didn’t share is if your company’s performance review system is tied to any type of compensation action. Some companies marry these two concepts while other companies keep them separate.
Hopefully your former manager shared (or will share) his or her feedback on your 2013 performance. Sharing this information is often part of a transition plan when a manager leaves the department or the company. However, if your former manager left the company quickly, then you may not be so lucky.
One recommendation for you: I would consider sharing your professional accomplishments and goals for 2013 with your new manager. This information would be helpful to any new manager and help you build credibility with your new manager.

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