Frustrated job seeker looking in higher ed and healthcare

Q: I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of staff positions at higher education and hospitals. I was unemployed during the recession and there were more than now. I am aware of the budget cuts in congress but even during the recession there were more to apply. I have an MBA and an MS and have worked in many schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, I was let go last October as my boss and I didn’t connect. Since then I have been able to network and got some interviews but still I haven’t seen hardly any jobs in my level which is mid-level.


A: You are smart to look at several industries, including healthcare and higher ed. Healthcare especially is a projected growth industry.

Like any other professional, you should not rely solely one on job search tactic. You should continue to network, particularly in your fields of interest. You should become active on LinkedIn if you are not already. Develop a complete profile and join groups related to higher education and healthcare. Include a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile.

Try to set a networking goal for yourself. Perhaps two networking meetings per day.

Make sure your resume is crisp and error-free. Have a trusted colleague or friend review it for you. Attend networking and professional association events.

When I think of employment opportunities at hospitals, I think of Massachusetts Hospital Association. Not only do they offer educational events, they also have a section of their website devoted exclusively to jobs within Massachusetts hospitals. Visit When I recently visited this site, there were over 3000 jobs listed. Many are clinical roles (e.g., nursing technicians, medical technologist or patient care technician) but it seems to be a site worth bookmarking and visiting regularly.
Similarly, when I think of opportunities within higher ed, I think of one website in particular. Check out I personally had success with this job board when I landed an adjunct teaching role several years ago.
Finally, be careful not to spend more than 25-30% of your time online. Face to face networking is critical.
by Pattie Hunt Sinacole

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