Nomination Letters – Anna Jaques Hospital

Donna Clough

I had worked with my previous nurse for 11 years and when she left, I thought I could never replace her. But Donna has been a superb replacement. The week she was accepted to nursing school, her beloved father lost his leg due to diabetic complications. As his caretaker and advocate, Donna cared for and treated his wounds. Her passion was to become a wound care nurse. I am blessed to have her caring for my patients in the same fashion that she cared for her own father. She is so compassionate and understands the fear that any person who has been diagnosed with diabetes faces. This nurse is the most compassionate person I have worked with in my 35 years of medical practice. If someone looked up the definition of a “nurse,’’ they would see her picture.


—Nominated by Dr. Edward Carver

Ann Myers

Ann, my coworker, is a very compassionate, caring nurse who puts her patients at ease in the pre-op holding room area. She has a very calming manner and bright smile. One patient said of her, “I will never forget those warm hands that eased all my fears.’’ Ann works at Lahey Outpatient in Danvers and Anna Jaques Hospital in the Day Surgery Unit. Nursing can be a difficult career when you have many other obligations to fulfill at home. Ann cares for her ill mother and three children, but she never misses work and is always on time with a warm smile. She treats each patient as if they were her family member. Ann has a true gift for being a wonderful nurse and caregiver.


—Nominated by Erin Maribito

Mary Anna Young

Mary Anna is a senior R.N. at Anna Jaques Hospital’s remarkable cardiac rehabilitation program. For the past 11 (and counting) years, I have been one of the hundreds of cardiac-episode survivors who have benefited from her professional care and personal support. With the assistance of two others, Mary Anna closely supervises the first 12 weeks of a patient’s rehabilitation, explaining the use of exercise equipment and monitoring progress via computer hook-up. Thereafter, she keeps an eye on up to 20 patients using the equipment at any one time. Most of the scores of patients who show up on any given day stay for about an hour. Most come in two to four times a week. We range in age from 40 to over 90. I am confident that Mary Anna knows the names and medical histories of each of the 100 or so of us participating in any given week.


In this era of such brief appointments with our doctors, many of us rely on Mary Anna for medical advice or just plain support when things are rough at home, caring for terminally ill spouses, for example. She is a genuinely warm person who really cares about us. Mary Anna has offered classes on diet and stress management. Along with her partner nurse, she often trains one or two nursing students for on-the-job experience. Mary Anna Young is a thorough professional, warmly supportive of and appreciated by all her patients.

—Nominated by Benjamin W. Labaree

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