Nomination Letters – Arbour Hospital

Vicky Lee

Vicky is the most consistently energetic, enthusiastic, competent, and compassionate nurse that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am her nursing supervisor in the acute unit of a psychiatric hospital and often find myself surprised by her consistently sweet disposition and the genuine care she presents to patients who can present as rude and even violently aggressive. She handles crises with leading assertiveness and directness. She impresses me with her clear-headedness and smile.

—Nominated by Judith M. Dzyak

Eric Liang

Eric is one of the most exceptional nurses I have ever had the honor of working with. We work in a psych hospital together. Every shift that he comes on, he organizes the work space and systematically meets each of the 24 patients on the unit and checks on their needs. Our unit is for acutely psychotic patients who tend to be violent and aggressive at times. The mental health workers are responsible for crisis management, but when Eric works, he plays a leading role in de-escalation.

—Nominated by Doug Butler

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