Nomination Letters – Barbara McInnis House, Boston

Jennifer McCracken

A registered nurse for 27 years, Jennifer specializes in providing primary care to her patients. She’s observed that modern medicine sometimes places too much emphasis on tests and laboratory results at the expense of “caring for the patient.’’ She always spends considerable time with her patients, one on one.

She is quick to sense if someone is emotionally distraught and responds with reassuring words, assessing the situation and providing the needed care, medical or spiritual. While working to stay abreast of the latest medical technology, she takes time to carefully communicate with her patients so that they fully understand their illness and feel they are being cared for. She recognizes the importance of allowing the sick and the seriously ill to maintain their dignity.


Recently, Jennifer traveled to Haiti, her eleventh trip in three years. She has treated complications from tropical diseases, learned about the country and people, and even been tutored in the Creole language. During one stay, she felt especially gratified to nurse a severely dehydrated child back to life.

Her experiences with the homeless of Boston, tornado victims in Alabama , and orphans in Bolivia have contributed to her desire to help the needy.

Together with her commitment to the nursing profession, Jennifer is studying to become a deacon in the Episcopal Church. While serving with her on a committee, I have seen how her professional expertise and care for people will positively impact her role in the church.


—Nominated by Harding Ounanian, Jr.

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