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Eileen McCoy

Eileen has been part of our family since 2011 and I can’t imagine our life without her. She was the one who challenged Fran to get out of her apartment and to move around in her wheelchair; that’s when the bonding of these two individuals took place. Eileen told her about the movie, “The Bucket List,’’ and suggested that she make her own list. The next week when she came, the bucket list had been completed. This suggestion gave Fran the impetus to go out in the world, to go on day trips and visit various museums.

Eileen has made sure that Fran is taken care of properly and that all her needs are met with professional expertise. Noticing that she was having trouble eating, Eileen did her research, checked out some catalogues on line, and solved the problem by obtaining the appropriate eating utensils. When Fran was unable to speak, Eileen and a social worker wrote a grant for Fran to obtain an iPad so that she could have a voice application.

Eileen knew that Fran wanted to finish her memoir but was unable to, so Eileen recruited her sister, a professional writer. We launched her memoir “Off-Balance’’ in February, 2013 at Linden Ponds with more than 50 individuals in attendance. Of course, Eileen was part of this program. She shared with the audience how much she’d learned from Fran and how this journey with her had made a positive difference in so many lives, including her own.


Eileen McCoy is a role model to the nursing community with her medical expertise, professionalism, compassion, and the love that she exudes. She exemplifies the motto, “Hospice is not for the dying but for the living.’’

—Nominated by Marjorie Cotton Supple

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