Nomination Letters – Bedford VA Medical Center

Nursing Staff Unit 62CD

These nurses deal with one of the most difficult patient populations, those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. My husband has been a resident for over three years and I have observed only love and kindness from these wonderful people. The patients are treated with dignity and respect.

It is traumatic to give up the care of your loved one for the rest of his life to others, but they make the transition easier. When new patients are anxious and more confused because of their new surroundings, they talk to them and reassure them. They hold their hands and walk with them. Some families cannot make a special visit for their resident’s birthday so the staff will buy a cake to celebrate the occasion.


I visit my husband daily, and the staff has become my second family. When family members of new residents show up, they always remark on how wonderful the staff is. The staff take a personal interest in the husbands and wives of residents, always asking, “Are you taking care of yourself?’’ Their compassion and interest extend to the ex-caregiver, giving us support and encouraging our own well-being.

I am sure they have their own personal trials and tribulations, but they are always helpful and cheerful. You not only visit the patient, but you visit the staff as well.

—Nominated by Ruth Band

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