Nomination Letters – Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

Amanda Marr

Though my nurse/patient relationship with Amanda started in 2011, it has continued to this day and has evolved into a wonderful and mutually satisfying relationship.

Although Amanda’s nursing care has ended for me, she is still providing me with something even more valuable: friendship, companionship, laughter, and the willingness to lend an ear when needed and share sad and happy thoughts.

Her outpouring of compassion, kindness, and generosity of spirit has contributed to my general health and well-being as much as if not more than the care she administered to me. I am not the only one who receives this exceptional and extraordinary attention; she treats all her patients in this special way.

Amanda is better than any miracle drug.

—Nominated by Leo Berman

Kathy Savage

Last winter Kathy went to South Korea where she was part of the volunteer medical staff for the Special Olympics World Winter Games. She unselfishly used three weeks of vacation time to accompany the athletes from Team USA to compete in the games. Her responsibilities were to provide medical care and support for the athletes and coaches at the event. Then, upon her return, she helped to staff a shelter to care for folks in a big blizzard.

—Nominated by Richard Savage

Kathy Savage has been a medical volunteer for the American Lung Association’s Autumn Escape Bike Trek & Boston Fight for Air Climb since 2008. As lead of our event medical team, Kathy has cared for any participant needing medical treatment as well as monitoring the event in order to prevent certain medical incidents from occurring. The health and safety of over 5,000 participants have been in Kathy’s hands, and she has show excellence in judgment and care for our participants.


—Nominated by Erin Hickey-Reardon

Kathy is always ready to help out with sporting event care.

—Nominated by Paul Curley

Kathy recently went above and beyond the call of her nursing duties. During Columbus Day Weekend 2013, a large scouting event took place on Cape Cod where thousands of scouts gathered for the Massachusetts Jamboree, which occurs every four to five years. When Kathy learned about last-minute changes to the medical program that required several additional staff members, not only did she immediately and without hesitation answer the call herself, but she also helped spread the word and recruited several other medical staff for the event. Kathy and her fellow team members worked the entire 72-hour event on-site, handling a wide variety of medical needs at all hours of the day. She also served as a member of the event’s emergency response team in the event an incident required inter-agency coordination (which thankfully did not occur). Thanks in part to Kathy’s willingness to serve, the event was once again a tremendous success.

Kathy continues be an active supporter of the scouting program, having certified several young adults in Wilderness First Aid basics through a weekend training program featuring classroom instruction and practical exercises. She also trained the Yankee Clipper Council’s Twilight Camp staff in Basic First Aid and CPR in early 2013 when she learned of newly implemented staff medical training requirements.

—Nominated by Jim Palmer

Rosalie Wright

Rosalie Wright is a kind and caring nurse. She does more than is required of her.


—Nominated by Dina Gibbons

Rosalie has treated me with respect, courtesy, patience, and promptness. She prepares her job very professionally and is a credit to her profession.

—Nominated by Paul Scula

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