Nomination Letters – Franciscan Hospital for Children

Laura Cappucio

Laura is one of the most generous and caring nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. She cares for her patients in their entirety; she cares about both their physical and mental health, especially their happiness. She gives them the highest quality of life possible, often taking them out of their room and spending any extra time she has at work holding them. She goes out of her way to ensure that her patients are able to be kids, regardless of their illness. She is a true exemplar of a pediatric nurse.

—Nominated by Hannah Fraser


Krissy Friel

As a charge nurse working at the Franciscan Hospital for Children, Krissy’s role is not only to oversee the care of the children on her floor, but also to tend to the needs of the parents who are at the hospital staying with and visiting their children at the most difficult time in their lives. Krissy never turns away from the difficult tasks of her job; she stays late continuously and fills in for those nurses who need coverage.

—Nominated by Rhonda Friel

Danielle Lopez

Danielle is my wife and has been a nurse for just over a year. She is a true inspiration to me. She finds passion in helping people not only when she is bedside, but also all during the day every single day. She is an amazing, caring person, which is why she is such a great nurse. She started working at Franciscan Hospital for Children about two months ago, and she absolutely loves helping the children there.

—Nominated by Christopher Looed

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