Nomination Letters – Good Samaritan Medical Center

Alyson Cameron

I am sitting here at Good Sam with my uncle, who just had a knee replacement. When I came in today, he was telling me about all of the nice people he has met here but mostly about one person he just loved. Well, this woman just happened to be Alyson Cameron. I watched her with him for a minute or two, and I must tell you, she has a gift. She is such a sweetie and has a way about her that could lighten anyone’s spirit. She is everything a nurse should be. She is kind, gentle, fun, and honest.


—Nominated by Clark Cameron

Lisa Watson

I know every mother loves her daughter, but I can’t help but feel especially proud of my daughter Lisa. Her naturally warm, gentle, and caring nature made her want to be a nurse since childhood, but other priorities—marriage, making a living, and raising a family— forced Lisa to put off her ambitions until after her 38th birthday. Then, she went back to school at Brockton Hospital and studied nights and weekends to realize her dream. It was brutally hard work, but she never complained and she never gave up. While working every day as a school bus driver and tending to the needs of her five growing children, Lisa managed to maintain an excellent scholastic record and graduated at the head of her class in 2003.


Now working as a fully qualified ICU nurse at both Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton and Faulkner Hospital in Boston, Lisa continues to learn and grow in her profession. I know from her patients’ gratitude that Lisa’s thoughtful care makes a big difference in their recovery, and I can tell from the respect given Lisa by her co-workers that she has acquired first-rate skills and knowledge. She is the center of a loving circle of family and friends. As her mother, now approaching her 72nd birthday, I personally appreciate her sympathy, patience, and never-ending good advice. Yes, I love my daughter, and I know many others who love her as well. Lisa is an outstanding nurse who richly deserves recognition.


—Nominated by Bette Watkins

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