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Jodie Fitzpatrick

As a person who has not had many incidences of injury or disease, I count myself blessed. However, in the fall of 2013 I had surgery and it did not heal as expected. I have had the opportunity to meet many visiting nurses from Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association over these past four-and-a-half months. The one nurse who stands out is Jodi Fitzpatrick. Not only is Jodie in charge of my wound care, but she also coordinates with the wound center at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. She is a very knowledgeable and competent nurse who is empathetic and caring. Jodie makes my recovery seem quick, although it has been almost five months. Jodie is an example of how one nurse can affect recovery with a kind word, a skilled hand, and a knowledge base that seems endless.


—Nominated by Judith Masucci

Katie Noonan

When our mother became gravely ill this past fall, Katie took a leave of absence from her job, and cared for our mom during her final three weeks in her home and in conjunction with Hospice personnel. Drawing on her 25 years of nursing experience, Katie heroically combined compassion with professional expertise to give my mom the best possible end-of-life care she could have received.

—Nominated by Peggy Dillon

Marian Barry-Ravagni

I have Alzheimer’s disease, and Marian has been extremely kind and patient when explaining things to me. I recently had a blockage in my intestines and they had to perform a colostomy. The procedure saved my life. Marian kept me calm, and I thank God she was with me.


I’m Tom Humphreys, Judy’s husband. I was just looking at the letter Judy wrote explaining why she would like to nominate Marian Barry Ravagni for the Salute to Nurses section. Let me just add how grateful I am that Marian has been involved in our situation. I am almost 79. Can you imagine the state of mind I was in when I was informed that I would have to care for Judith after her surgery? I would be responsible for cleaning the colostomy bag twice a day, and changing it every fourth or fifth day. Marian has been a gift from God; she taught me what I needed to learn and I no longer worry about the task ahead of me. She is pleasant and patient, always working with a smile.


—Nominated by Judith and Tom Humphrey

Shannon Slattery

Here’s a story about a nurse I know who happens to be my granddaughter, one of fourteen grandkids. I fondly remember wheeling her around in a carriage 20-odd years ago. She grew up very close to me and I watched her excel in so many ways. I used to love taking her to the lake to ride in my small boat and enjoy camping with me and her many relatives. When Shannon reached junior high, I asked her to check out the Spanish language. She loved it. Shannon now speaks fluent Spanish, which is very useful in her nursing job. I also taught her to play guitar, which she does pretty well. She was a wonderful little girl and now she’s a wonderful grown-up nurse. When she was a baby, I was her hero. Now she is mine.


—Nominated by Bill Slattery

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