Nomination Letters – Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Copley

Anne Krekis

Anne has been my primary care provider for a number of years now. She is the most caring and competent provider I have ever been assigned to. In all honesty, I am a difficult patient—very skeptical of the healthcare system, struggling with a host of chronic illnesses as I move toward my senior years, and possessing a typical boomer mentality that is refusing to accept that my body is aging. Through all of this, Anne has always believed in me as a good person underneath my struggles and, sometimes for that reason alone, I have followed her guidance and directions to try to restore my health.


Her care and attention are always very personalized and lean toward the holistic approach, which I greatly appreciate. As a gay man of a certain age, I have experienced blatant homophobia with several previous medical providers, but Anne is very “gay friendly,’’ and this makes a huge difference in how I feel about going to the clinic for my appointments. This attitude is often overlooked, but very important to people like myself; basically, how long we live is controlled by how gay aware and gay friendly our providers are.

I have struggled so much with my weight in recent years, and she has taken a gentle rather than admonishing approach with me, which is helping to turn things around. With the medical issues I have been dealing with in recent years, I don’t think I’d be alive if Anne had not worked with me to move toward healthier patterns of living. I can’t give higher praise than that.

—Nominated by Damian Ryan

Linda Lundblad

Linda is a true example of what a quality, caring, healthcare worker should be. She is someone who makes everyone feel like family. Caring and compassionate, she goes above and beyond the call of duty every day to help patients, co-workers and anyone she comes in contact with. She is like a sun that brightens up our world when she is here.


—Nominated by Norma Espinosa

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