Nomination Letters – Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Quincy

Sarah Kucala

Sarah has been my primary care person in the Quincy practice for the past four years. She is a dedicated professional caregiver who doesn’t miss much when it comes to thoroughly looking after my health needs and prescribing ways to correct some of my health problems. I have been cared for by Harvard Health for the past 35 years or so. I have made a lot of visits to a lot of healthcare providers from the practice during that time; some stand out in my memory as capable while others have rushed me in and out of their offices. Not Sarah. When I leave a session with her, I always feel better. The best healthcare providers have a gift of healing and don’t necessarily look at their work as a job; rather, it’s a calling. I feel lucky to have someone as empathetic, friendly, and kind as Sarah looking after me and I deeply appreciate her work ethic. She is a very special nurse practitioner. Thank you, Sarah.


—Nominated by John E. Roche

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