Nomination Letters – Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Brittany Collins

Brittany Collins is an amazing nurse. She works two jobs, is studying for an advanced degree, and yet she finds time to unselfishly donate her weekends to different worthwhile organizations, including the Special Olympics, MS Society, and American Lung Association, providing First Aid assistance at their charity events. It is a pleasure to know and work with her.

—Nominated by Kathy Savage

Robert Doughtry

Nurse Bob, as he is known by everyone who comes in contact with him, is not only a very good nurse, but he also has a way of making you actually happy to be in a hospital. His compassion is far beyond the call of duty. He is very knowledgeable about treating people for any problems they have. As for communication skills, he somehow finds time to answer all my questions in a way that I understand. When I am entering his department from a distance of about a hundred feet away, I see his smiling face and arms stretched out to greet me. It makes me feel like I’m going to a party. Everyone misses him when he isn’t there. All the people he works with love him. I have seen him many times in the last 12 months and he is always the same. There are many excellent nurses at the Lahey but he has that certain something. I never thought I could enjoy being sick.


—Nominated by Clay Anastopoulos

Kathaleen Hatfield

Kathleen was the on-duty nurse when my mother was admitted for pneumonia. She was compassionate, warm, and calm while also being efficient. Even though she was very busy, she always followed up with us and came back with answers to our questions. She made us feel as if we were her only patients. She made us feel like family.

—Nominated by Yvonne Posa

Jean Hurynowicz

Jean Hurynowicz works in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. In July, I was rushed to the hospital with a bleeding aneurysm. Jean was one of my amazing caregivers. She was there when I was admitted to SICU prior to my surgery and cared for me almost every day of the two weeks that followed. Jean’s knowledge and skill were surpassed only by her compassion and caring. I was a healthy 48-year-old woman, so this crisis was shocking and scary. Jean always entered my room with a smile and encouraging words. When the doctors came in, Jean was a quiet presence taking everything in. I was in pain and heavily medicated so sometimes it was difficult for me to absorb everything the doctors told me. After the team left, Jean would sit down and carefully explain everything to me again, patiently answering all my questions. She made sure that any decisions that I made were based on a solid understanding of my very complex situation.


Just as importantly, Jean took care of my psyche. I was never just an aneurysm victim to her. She saw me as a whole person with a full life beyond that hospital room. It was Jean who found ways to make me smile (and sometimes even laugh) each day. It was Jean who lovingly washed my hair and helped me in and out of the bathroom, always preserving my dignity and guarding my privacy. When I was in SICU, I was a weak shadow of the person I normally am, but Jean never saw me that way. She saw the wife, mother, daughter, and friend that I am and she treated me like one of her own.


—Nominated by Barbara Lhereux

Kim Johanson

My husband Jim had a total knee replacement on March 5. We are both in our late sixties and have a host of medical issues. Ms. Johanson was Jim’s nurse on his day of discharge, which happened to be on a Saturday, a day than can be a nightmare in a hospital. Kim was so wonderful and stayed in touch with us over the weekend, helping us with all kinds of issues. We know the discharge experience—this was probably our twentieth—and we know how difficult it can be. This woman was amazing and so helpful.


—Nominated by Jim and Pat Hanson

Shannon Philpott O’Donoghue

Shannon provides dedicated professional care. She’s absolutely wonderful!

—Nominated by Philip Thomason

Natalie Theresa Yuoska

Natalie works at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in the heart unit. As a skilled professional, she always had my best interests in mind. She always empowered the family unit, making sure they all understood the procedure about to take place, and realized the importance of family. She made me feel that she embraced my family as hers. She has such an excellent bedside manner that I sometimes forgot she was my nurse, not my daughter.


I learned after my procedure that Natalie has a very full plate. She has her own family, works in a food pantry, and volunteers at her church. She manages to do it all. She is strong and hardworking and really cares for her patients, keeping their best interests in mind. Thank you, Natalie.

—Nominated by J.L. Kondrativk

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