Nomination Letters – McLean Hospital

Ashley Folgo

Ashley made a very scary time in my life easier by being so supportive, caring, and professional every time she worked with me. She went out of her way to make sure all of our questions were answered, our fears were addressed, and even got translators when non-English speaking relatives had questions and concerns.

—Nominated by Anonymous

Patricia Frederickson

Patricia Frederickson has been called by her colleagues a nurse’s nurse, meaning she performs in a way that reminds us all of the nurse we intended to be when we started our careers, of the nurse we are on our very best days. Pat would start her shift on our inpatient psychiatric unit—every time—by greeting each of her patients with the words, “Hello, I’m Pat. I’ll be your nurse this evening. Is there anything you need right now that I can help you with?’’ With those words, and her sincere engagement, she consistently transformed their patient experience from one of high anxiety, possibly hopelessness, to one of being taken in, understood, and cared about. Pat advocated for her patients, provided skilled and on target interventions in anticipation of their needs, preventing escalations and crises. Pat created the most successful medication education groups we’ve ever had. She kept an eye out for other staff, supporting them, tracking their learning needs. She understood and used the healthcare system, right down to the unique culture of each inpatient unit, to the benefit of any patient who crossed her path.


Pat could make any of us, her colleagues, even her supervisor, rise to be our very best selves as we provided patient care. She could back up and look at the larger picture, plan her shift so that everything required of her—interviewing patients, providing and documenting treatments and medications, supervising the care delivered by the mental health workers, meeting and answering questions of families—was completed, done calmly, in a timely manner, so that no one staff or patients ever felt that they couldn’t ask something extra of her. When needed, she even took on the role of employee health nurse, available to give flu shots to those who couldn’t get to the staff clinics. She designed a smoking cessation curriculum for patients so any staff member could grab her binder and run a group for smokers. And best of all, Pat loved coming to work.


—Nominated by Joan Stack Kovach

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