Nomination Letters – McManus Medical, Falmouth

Leslie Baumann

Leslie has cared for me for several years, and I have never met a more devoted caregiver. She is a shining example of all that a nurse could hope to be. Leslie is a dedicated nurse who is conscientious, caring, compassionate, intelligent, and genuine. When I am in the examining room with her, she makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. She has a calming aura and gentleness about her that radiates from within. Her sunny outlook and her positive attitude carry her through the day. She greets each patient by name; her memory is incredible. Leslie is not only a nurse, but also the office manager. She emails prescriptions, talks to pharmacists, and handles follow-up telephone calls to patients with different situations to see how they are doing. She always asks me about current problems and is interested in my overall well-being. Leslie is an unbelievable person. She is a wife, mother, and is studying to become a nurse practitioner. Leslie has something that is lacking in a lot of people today: common sense. Leslie treats everyone, patients, staff, and outside medical personnel like she would like to be treated herself. Dr. Devin McManus is incredibly lucky to have a nurse of Leslie’s wisdom and caliber on his staff.


—Nominated by Dick White

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