Nomination Letters – MGH Healthcare Center, Charlestown

Margaret Marino

I am most grateful for the care Margie Marino, my nurse practitioner, has given me for over a decade. She exemplifies what good medical care should be. She takes her time and is very thorough when I see her, listening intently and taking notes while I explain my medical condition. She evaluates my problem and considers it in the context of my medical history. Often she makes suggestions that I can use at home. I now monitor my own blood pressure and know how to get enough protein in my diet.

When I email her she responds within two to three hours. In order to be on schedule with my surgery date for double knee replacement, I need to stay free of infection. I got a stomach bug on Jan. 12, with a low-grade fever. She responded with her suggestions and added, “Please come to the clinic if you do not recover within a few days.’’ I went to the walk-in clinic the following Wednesday, as I still wasn’t feeling quite right and explained that I still had severe indigestion and heartburn. One of the first things she asked me was whether I thought the pain medication I was taking for my knees was responsible. I stopped taking the pain medication, as she recommended, and the heartburn and indigestion went away. I feel very fortunate to have such a thorough and responsible caregiver.

—Nominated by Kathy Callahan

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