Nomination Letters – New England Baptist Hospital

Lauren Houston

We met Lauren Huston at New England Baptist while my husband was recovering from a multi-level spinal fusion. Lauren attended to John’s difficult recovery for several days. She was concerned, compassionate, friendly, and cheerful, especially to a patient experiencing unusual difficulties. Many times she attempted to find resolutions for his discomfort level and extreme pain using her clinical knowledge and skills. She listened attentively not only to her patient, but also to his family.

While caring for John and her other patients, Lauren was also tasked with training a new R.N. nursing student (Cara). Her proven communication skills and patience with Cara while teaching difficult tasks to her were clinically so important to John’s successful recovery. She was there when John experienced a medical emergency, and while assisting, took time to look for the family within the large crowd of attending staff, mouthing the words, “It will be okay.’’


Lauren is a superb R.N. with a wonderful personal disposition, and undoubtedly conveys to her shadowing student that a cheery bedside attitude is just as important to the patient and the family as the nursing medical skills and knowledge.

—Nominated by Darlene Xintaras

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