Nomination Letters – NewBridge on the Charles

Claire Hunt

My mother is 98; Claire has been her primary nurse at NewBridge on the Charles for over three years. The level of her expertise has never diminished, but what is more extraordinary is Claire’s level of enthusiasm for her residents, her responsibilities, and her efforts to make every hour, let alone every day, count for her residents. My mother’s wing is part of “memory support.’’ There are different diagnoses of memory loss in this patient population. There are residents who are totally aphasic, some who are very fearful, and some who try desperately to communicate. This population of the elderly is most vulnerable, since communication is so limited on so many levels. It can be a most challenging environment for the most dedicated healthcare provider. There isn’t a resident who isn’t on Claire’s radar. She is constantly alert to make sure that not only are the residents safe, but supervised by the aides, activity leaders, or herself. I have seen her working at the COW (the infamous Computer on Wheels), and she looks up constantly, and I mean constantly, to check on the residents. She will stop her work, and go to the resident who catches her eye, give a hug, an encouraging word, a simple acknowledgement of hello, and then give the once-over to the floor, and go back to the COW. I grew up around professors of nursing; I know good nurses when I see them. Claire is the outstanding nurse whom everybody deserves.


—Nominated by Esther Schneiderman

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