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All the Nurses

I am 60 years old and partially disabled so I attend the PACE program in Gloucester four days a week. My nurses are all so good to me. Our nurse practitioner, Courtney Cullen, has been just like a member of my family, giving hugs, encouragement, and moral support. She keeps a motto on her desk: “At the center of my being is a peace, which nothing can take away.’’ I think that’s one reason why Courtney can do what she does. Our PACE program is presently without a full-time doctor, so Courtney has been as good as a doctor to us all here. My regular nurse, Bob Owen, is so awesome to me. He is “Mr. Fix-it.’’ He not only gives me my shots and orders my pills, but he also gives his special, up-beat attitude to the entre PACE program. The other nurses, Lisa Aptt, is also there for me if Bob is off. Lisa holds my hand when Courtney does a difficult procedure. Then here is Rosalie, with her bright smile and diligent ways, who is our newest nurse, as well as Trish, who makes house calls when we are homebound. I feel so very young at heart whenever I am around these wonderful caregivers. That is why I wanted to include them all in what I have written here. Thanks for the opportunity to honor my nurses here in Gloucester.


—Nominated by Diana Darcy

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