Nomination Letters – Pembroke Hospital

Lauri Byer

Words won’t begin to do justice to what an amazing nurse Lauri is. She goes above and beyond to bring the utmost care and respect to psychiatric patients. As a nurse manager at Pembroke Hospital, she is in charge of the largest unit. To work with her is an honor because she will go out of her way to make sure her staff feel supported, empowered, and respected. Let me give you an example: A young women who was having her first psychotic break had just been brought in by EMTs; she was scared and unable to make decisions about simple things, such as going to the bathroom. Lauri stepped up to ensure her privacy. Her true dedication was to making this patient feel comfortable and respected as an individual. After handling bathroom duties, washing her laundry, medicating, and feeding the young women, Lauri continues to work hard on stabilization of this patient. The staff could only stand and watch as a true miracle was happening. Lauri goes above and beyond as a nurse in the field and a ray of sunshine for her patients and staff.


—Nominated by Laura Wright

Kim Crimmins

Kim Crimmins has a warm heart and a whole lot of spunk. Kim never fails to bring an upbeat, fun attitude to the unit each day she works. Kim had such a warm, calm way about her that she is able to rationalize stress and chaos with her psychiatric patients. When things start to hit the fan and spiral out of control, Kim is there to save the day. A particular incident happened back around Christmas when a patient began to lose control over being stuck in a locked psychiatric unit for the holidays. Kim was able to sit with the patient and discuss the positive outcomes for treatment as well as assure the patient of worth and respect.


—Nominated by Laura Wright

Marie Regan

Marie is a very sympathetic and compassionate nurse. I was so depressed and feeling like I wanted my life to be over. Marie provided redirection by group counseling and lots of one-on-one time. She told me that she, too, struggled for her own identity when she decided at age 50 to go to nursing school. She inspired me to feel that I can overcome challenges. Marie was an angel and I feel she saved my life.

—Nominated by Anonymous

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