Nomination Letters – Simmons College and Office of Dr. Barry Miller

Donna Glynn

I’m 82 years of age and always wanted to be a nurse. I would have wanted to be one of Donna’s students. She works at Simmons College teaching and also works part time at Dr. Miller’s office. My husband and I had our monthly appointment with her Friday 3-21-14 and I wanted to get her permission to enter her in the contest. Oh, how I wish I could be on her staff. Lucky students—she takes them into the ORs of all the hospitals in the area. She loves her job teaching and also her practice at Dr. Miller’s office. She is so kind, compassionate, and explains everything to us. Outside of my husband’s cardiologist, she is the only one who we see and want to see. She is the most knowledgeable, caring, attentive nurse we know.


—Nominated by Gladys and Frank Covino

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