Nomination Letters – St. Patrick’s Manor Nursing Facility

Debbi Cipriano

I am nominating a nurse who has cared for patients in both a hospital setting and in a nursing facility since her graduation from nursing school in 1984. While working in these settings she has, with her husband, raised two children, both of whom are now in college. Her example of selfless giving to her patients has moved her oldest daughter to study nursing with an expectation of graduation next year. Day after day, for more than 10 years now, this committed nurse has cared for patients burdened with Alzheimer’s disease and done so with love and a generous outpouring of respect. Limited staffing has brought stress and long hours but she does not let these burdens impinge upon her relationship with her patients. She goes above the call of duty and responsibility in providing small comforts and remembrances at holidays (which perhaps bring particular loneliness) and she is always a listening presence even when stories told are rambling paeans to forgetfulness. Recently, she has accepted the responsibility of heading a new Alzheimer’s Unit at the facility where she works and is taking on the responsibility with joy.


—Nominated by Josephy MacCarthy

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