Nomination Letters – VA Community Clinic–New Bedford

Maureen Bouris

Every day, with every patient encounter, Maureen Bouris demonstrates compassionate, personalized care to each veteran who comes to our VA outpatient clinic in New Bedford. Whether the veteran served overseas or stateside, whether old or young, man or woman, Maureen is committed to each one. No problem is too small, no concern too minor. Maureen gives each individual her undivided attention. Her empathy is palpable and her patients feel it. Even more extraordinary than her attachment to patients is her telephone connection with them. When patients who have only spoken with Maureen on the phone come to the clinic for a visit, they ask to meet her and their eyes light up. She has invariably been kind and helpful to them and they want to see this extraordinary nurse.

In addition to kindness, Ms. Bouris shows tenacity in the pursuit of patient needs. In a large healthcare institution, the bureaucracy can stymie many clinicians who may give up when the steps are too many or too convoluted—but not Maureen. If a patient has a need, she goes the extra 10 miles to be sure the need is met. As a physician member of the team, I have observed her daily in her interaction with patients. Her warmth, her intelligent understanding of their concerns, and her ability to assist me in helping patients understand their conditions and the recommended treatments far exceed the basic requirements of her job. My daughter is a nurse, and I would be proud and honored if she exemplified the character of Maureen Bouris.


—Nominated by Dr. Roberta Berrien

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