Nomination Letters – Wellesley Dialysis Center

Jillian Leonard

The Wellesley Dialysis Center provides hemodialysis for about 20 patients in two daily shifts. All patients are diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Many have been suffering for a long time and arrive via EMTs from nursing homes and other rehabilitation facilities. I have been a patient in this facility since July of 2013 and have the perspective of someone who’s had a long career in the allied health professions. (I’ve done mental health/social work, and direct care and administrative services for troubled youth and their families.)

Jillian Leonard consistently demonstrates a powerful combination of excellent clinical and professional skills. She maintains meaningful relationships with patients, many of whom are not easy to get along with; few folks want to be confined to a chair with two needles in their arm for four hours daily. I have seen Jillian develop warm relationships with a wide range of patients. This dialysis center is located in an upscale Boston suburb, but, interestingly, the clients served represent a wide variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds, many with limited English speaking abilities. To establish and maintain relationships with this diverse client group shows a clear level of interpersonal skill.

I might add that Ms. Leonard’s working skills with her team members and administrators are also to be admired. And, as anyone who has worked in a closely managed therapeutic environment will attest, sometimes getting along with your co-workers can be more of a challenge than working with patients.

—Nominated by Floyd Alwon


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