Including Company Specific Titles on Resumes

Q. I have a very company-specific job title. Is it acceptable to change it slightly so that recruiters and hiring managers have a better understanding of what I do? I’m afraid that if I don’t that I will be passed over for jobs that I am capable of doing.

A. Many companies have titles that are organization specific and don’t offer meaning to the outside world; areas of expertise are not easily recognized given the title. Specialist II, for example, doesn’t communicate the value you bring to an employer. However, your title is what the current employer will use to verify employment, or use when a reference is given, so these words can’t be eliminated entirely.


The goal of the resume is to communicate the responsibilities you have on the job and your capabilities to any recruiter or key word reader. Employers want to make sure your resume is accurate and meaningful. On the resume, use your company assigned title and an accurate translation following the title in parentheses. Hiring managers recognize the wide range of titles companies use for internal purposes and equity and are eager to understand what that means in the parlance of other organizations in terms of the skills you offer.

All sides of this equation are focused on making sure there are no misleading statements in the content of the resume, cover letter or interview statements. No one wants to miss a good candidate and you don’t want to be excluded from a great opportunity.


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