Perpetual posters who want to move up

Q: I work for a large company. It is a company that is a household name and you would recognize. I have applied internally for several jobs within the company, probably 10 different jobs in the first half of 2014. I joined this company in 2013 because I thought there were be lots of upward mobility. So far, this has been untrue. What is your advice? I am become more disillusioned every day I work here.

A: Stop. Stop and take a breath. Re-read your question. Here are the facts: 1. You started working with this company in 2013. 2. You have posted for approximately 10 jobs in six months.

In one of my former companies, we labeled employees like you as “PPs,” or perpetual posters. Every time a job was posted internally, there were a few employees who always apply internally through our posting system. These employees would apply, whether they were qualified or not. They would just apply to any role which offered them a step up.

Stop being a perpetual poster. You are probably earning this reputation at your current company. Hiring managers are probably bracing themselves on how to let you down gently. Why? Because you don’t really care what role you move into, but rather that you move up. Hiring managers want employees who care about the role and who are qualified. The likelihood that you were qualified for 10 different jobs is probably slim.
I suggest a different plan. Do well in your current role. Try to raise your hand and offer to help with training others, introducing new products or services, documenting processes, etc. Expand your role and your value if possible. Develop a strong relationship with your manager. Right now your manager probably perceives that you want to be anywhere but in your current role. Change that perception. If your current manager is a strong manager, he or she could be invaluable in your career.

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