eHarmony Wants To Matchmake For Your Career

eHarmony, which calls itself the number one trusted online dating site for singles, has decided to redefine the meaning of “professional relationship.’’

According to The Washington Post, “It wants to become a ‘relationship company’ that matches users with everyone from the right employers to the best-suited investment advisers to even better friends.’’

Who needs to meet anyone organically anymore?

According to Market Watch, the new company will be called “Elevated Careers by eHarmony,’’ and is set to launch in December.

“The goal will be to help people get a job where they really belong,’’ eHarmony’s founder and CEO Neil Clark Warren told Market Watch.


The company thinks it is different than other job sites because of its plans to employ techniques they used for dating on Elevated Careers, The Washington Post reported.

How does Warren and his team think they can accurately match someone for a job?

Warren told Business Insider:

“The first thing we do when getting involved with a company is we want a short inventory filled out by every person in the company. Just asking how they perceive the culture of the company. We want that culture to be matched up with the culture of the person who’s the applicant. The second thing we do is we want the org chart of the company, so that if an individual wants to work in a particular part of the company, we want to know what skills are required of the applicant.’’

What do companies that sign up for the service stand to gain?

The Washington Post reported that Warren intends on having companies only pay for the service at the beginning, after which the companies will ideally have less turnover and gain employees that are suitable for the jobs they need.

Would you let eHarmony find you a job match?


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