The Best Job Sectors for Cheaters

A new report from reveals which professions both male and female cheaters are more likely to work in.
A new report from reveals which professions both male and female cheaters are more likely to work in. –iStock

No, this isn’t “Love Letters’’ and you didn’t click on the wrong link.

A new report has found that there are certain professions where men and women are more likely to cheat on their spouses than other career paths. This report comes from, a website geared towards married couples looking to, in the words of sleazy Saul Goodman from “Breaking Bad,’’ wander off the reservation. surveyed 11,163 of its Canadian clients to determine which professions are more likely to cheat. For men, the survey found the financial and IT industries are the most popular professions for cads. Meanwhile, the survey found women who work as educators and corporate executives are more likely to step outside their marital boundaries.


The site doesn’t offer an explanation of why these careers are popular for cheaters, so we’re forced to play the role of armchair psychologist. Again, this is pure speculation.

For men, finance isn’t much a surprise to find on the list since the field tends to attract its share of alpha males who pride themselves on getting what they want when they want. The IT field was a bit of a shock, but considering this career requires long hours, occasional isolation, and time spent on online, maybe it’s not so surprising that those in IT might stray from their marital bliss.

On the women’s side, maybe talking with parents and playing a direct role in children’s development might lead to some sparks flying for teachers. As for women in corporate executive roles, they might see the workplace as a setting where they are respected and seek companionship there instead of at home.’s founder Noel Biderman said he thinks work life can often cross into the personal life zone. He points to the example of doctors, which are the third most common career for male cheaters.

You’re potentially dealing with life and death everyday, or at the very least you’re more cognitive of it,’’ Biderman said. Doctors are less likely to wait until “tomorrow’’ for things to get better when they know that “tomorrow’’ might not come, he explained.

Now, we’re not saying that everyone in these fields is an adulterer and we have no reason for anyone to suspect their spouse of anything unsavory. However, if you know a teacher whose back-to-school shopping agenda includes stops at Staples, Target, and Victoria’s Secret…well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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