For some Boston workers, every day is ‘Bring your dog to work day’

Sheridan Wachtel and her dog Moose at work.
Sheridan Wachtel and her dog Moose at work. –Courtesy of Sheridan Wachtel

June 26th is the 17th annual take your dog to work day, as proclaimed by Pet Sitters International.

But some workers in Boston don’t care about this, because they can take their furry friends into the office every day of the week.

The offices of workout-app RunKeeper, advertising firm MMB, and public relations agency Solomon McCown & Company, are just some of the Boston-area workplaces that welcome dogs.

And they may be on to something, as some studies have shown that being around dogs in the office reduces stress.

“It makes you really happy.’’

Terry Trail, a program manager of brand partnerships at RunKeeper, said she brings in her Goldendoodle, Bear, once every two weeks.

Bear begs for a RunKeeper employee’s breakfast at work. —Courtesy of Terry Trail

“He is so spoiled he loves it,’’ Trail said. “He comes in in the morning and just looks for who has breakfast to beg for and looks for people to pet him and throw a ball down the hallway.’’

She said that typically there are dogs in the RunKeeper office on Mondays and Fridays, maybe one to two each day.

Rebecca O’Dette, director of operations at RunKeeper brings in her Beagle, Connor, and Jason Grigely, a user experience designer, brings in his Corgi, Starbuck.

“It’s nice to have him with me because he is my companion,’’ O’Dette said. “It’s just fun to see other people that are excited to have him there. It brings a good levity to the office.’’

A RunKeeper hackathon team “Ruff Riders’’ integrated a dog activity with a tracker called Whistle. Connor the beagle and Bear the goldendoodle are here. —Courtesy of Rebecca O’Dette

“It’s great,’’ Grigely said. “One of the reasons I bought a Corgi in the first place is they are the most adorable dogs ever and it is hard to be in a bad mood when you are with a Corgi. It makes you really happy.’’

Here is a look at Starbuck running a race in the office:

Avoiding pitfalls

Those at RunKeeper, MMB, and Solomon McCown & Company, all said there are really no strict rules for dogs in their offices – other than using common sense and being respectful of those working and those who may not like dogs.

Moose helps a Solomon McCown brainstorm during the work day. —Courtesy of Sheridan Wachtel

Sheridan Wachtel, a marketing and creative services specialist from Solomon McCown, brings in her Husky-Shepard mix, Moose.

“We let everyone know when there are dogs in the office so the dogs are safe too,’’ Wachtel said. “Everyone is really great here and we make sure that people are comfortable and if they aren’t we don’t bring them in that day or keep them out of way. Everyone likes the dogs and all the dogs are well behaved.’’

Moose sits in the office. —Courtesy of Sheridan Wachtel

The people from all three of these companies said that their office cultures work well with having dogs around and it really never causes problems.

Jamie Mambro, one of the founders and executive creative directors of MMB, brings his St. Bernard, Annie, to work every single day.

Annie relaxes in the office while Mabro works. —Courtesy of Jamie Mambro

“There’s a freedom and people are considerate,’’ Mambro said. “I have seen people who have not been dog lovers really kinda change that and they enjoy having them here.’’

Here are some ways to get outside during your lunch break:

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