Always a Bridesmaid

Q: I am job hunting. Fortunately I am employed so I don’t have to take the first role offered to me unless it is pretty much perfect. Or that is what I thought. I have been a finalist for three different roles. I have not received an offer though, the offer has gone to another candidate. The recruiters sing my praises up and down but still no offers. How can I get to that final point and receive an offer?

A: I am reminded of the phrase, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” However, your situation is different. Here is what I would tell you about your candidacy:
1. Your resume probably is strong. You would not be generating such a high level of interest if your resume was weak or flawed.
2. You are likely a qualified candidate. You would not make it through the first round of interviews if you were a weak or flawed candidate.
3. Because you have had three recent rejections, your confidence may be a bit shaken.

A few pieces of advice:
1. Ask for feedback. You may not receive feedback or you may not receive honest feedback, but if you do, it can be helpful.
2. Always be gracious, even if you have been rejected. Send a thank-you note. Thanks interviewers for their time. Sometimes a number one choice does not work out. An offer may be declined. A counteroffer to the top candidate may be in the works. It is worth leaving the interviewers with a positive impression.
3. Think about developing a 30-60-90 day plan for when you are a final candidate. This is a plan, developed by you, based on what you have learned about the role through the interview process. The plan summarizes what you hope to achieve in your first 90 days in the role. It will not be perfect. However, it shows you have given the role serious thought.


by Pattie Hunt Sinacole, First Beacon Group LLC

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