A new app to free you from your freezing cubicle

The app “Comfy’’ promises to rescue workers from their frigid offices.
The app “Comfy’’ promises to rescue workers from their frigid offices. –Flickr/ Creative Commons/Sharyn Morrow

This summer there’s been an outcry of cold office workers across the country, wondering why it’s nearing August and they’re donning sweaters in their cubicles.

While managers cranking the A/C in the name of cost efficiency (or sexism?) may be to blame, relief could be within your grasp. An app called “Comfy’’ promises to let workers control their office climate.

The app, created in 2013, has software that connects to an office’s existing heating and cooling system, letting employees choose their preferred temperature from three options: “warm my space,’’ “cool my space,’’ or “I’m comfy.’’ According to Bloomberg Business, workers who choose cooling get 10 minutes of air conditioning, while those who opt for heat get 10 minutes of warmer air. The system learns the habits and preferences of users over time, regulating the climate of a given space. So if you like it a little balmy, request that your space be warmed enough, and maybe your desk will eventually resemble a tropical oasis.


Current users of Comfy include Google, the University of California Berkeley, and global tech company Johnson Controls, which reported that 77 percent of its employees use Comfy and that it has seen a 23 percent reduction in total heating, cooling, and fan use.

Comfy can be used on any web or mobile browser, or from an app on your phone.

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