Boston ranked third highest-paying city for salespeople

Especially those working in the tech sector.

High-paying jobs in the tech sector raise Boston’s average sales salary.
High-paying jobs in the tech sector raise Boston’s average sales salary. –Handy Telepoise/Getty

If you’ve always had a knack for making a great pitch and want to make a lot of money, sales might be the right field for you – especially if you live in Boston.

Job search site looked at which cities pay most and have the highest number of job openings for salespeople. Boston ranked third for pay, behind San Jose, California, and San Francisco.

Glassdoor career trends analyst Scott Dobroski said he wasn’t surprised Boston made the top 10. “There’s a higher cost of living in Boston than many other metros around the U.S., and Boston has a very diverse and thriving job market right now,’’ Dobroski said.


Boston sales professionals bring in a median total pay of $98,000, the report found, and as of its release July 17, there were just over 3,600 job openings in sales in the Boston metro area.

“This indicates to a job seeker that if you have a college degree and some experience in the professional world, it is very easy for someone to get into the accountant corporate sales industry within Boston,’’ Dobroski added.

To order the list, Glassdoor identified U.S. urban areas with the highest median total compensation for corporate and account sales jobs, excluding retail sales positions. For a company to be considered in the report, they needed to have at least 50 salary reports for account and corporate sales jobs shared by employees by June 26, 2015.

Lori Richardson, CEO of Score More Sales, a company that coaches and trains frontline sales team members, said Boston’s ranking doesn’t surprise her either. It’s a “hot spot’’ for sales, she said, especially in tech. Glassdoor also looked at which U.S. companies paid sales professionals highest, and the top 10 companies were all in the technology sector. A few companies with local presence, like IT storage hardware provider EMC and Microsoft, made the list.


“There are a lot of technology sales positions in Boston and those are higher paid jobs, so I think it pushes up everybody,’’ Richardson said. “If a company wants a good candidate they push up the salary as much as they can to be competitive.’’

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Another appealing aspect of the sales field is that you usually don’t need an advanced degree or technical skill set. But you do need to hustle if you want to be successful. Glassdoor pointed out that if you’re considering a career in account or corporate sales, your base salary accounts for about 67 percent of your total pay, while commission accounts for the rest.

Richardson recommended aspiring sales professionals research local companies and network to get ahead.

“Sales is a fantastic career to be in,’’ Richardson said. “It’s a very admirable profession. And anything you do in sales can be used in the rest of your life.’’

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