The jobs people want on the East Coast

According to a recent report by jobs site Glassdoor

Can you guess which jobs are most searched for in Massachusetts?
Can you guess which jobs are most searched for in Massachusetts? –Boston Globe/Getty

If you’re currently looking for a job on the East Coast, there’s a good chance it’s a high-level job like project manager, attorney, or business analyst, according to a recent report by jobs site Glassdoor.

“The popular jobs on the Eastern Seaboard represent very highly-skilled jobs where higher education is required,’’ Glassdoor Career Trends Analyst Scott Dobroski said.

The report is based on countrywide job search activity on Glassdoor between May 1, 2015 and July 23, 2015. Analysts determined the popularity of a job in a state by comparing it to its search popularity in every other state.

The most popular search in Massachusetts?


“Senior scientist,’’ which really isn’t too surprising given the state’s science, education, pharmaceutical, and technology hubs like Boston and Cambridge.

The one East Coast trend that shocked Dobroski was the high interest in video editor positions in Maine.

“Maine’s not exactly known as Hollywood,’’ Dobroski said, but added that Maine has a very diverse job market and industry life.

Other trends that emerged in the report were the prevalence of searches for supervisor and manager roles in the Central and Northern regions, and the desire for tech jobs, like software development engineer, in the West.

The South was notable for the frequency of job searches that require more on-the-job training and less education, Dobroski said. Flight attendant, welder, and border patrol agent emerged as popular titles in Georgia, Louisiana, and Arizona, respectively.

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Least and most fulfilling jobs:

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