These jobs have low stress and high pay

You probably won’t land these jobs without an advanced degree.
You probably won’t land these jobs without an advanced degree. –Michael Gottschalk / Contributor via Getty

If you think low stress and high pay in a job do not go hand-in-hand, think again.

The news site Business Insider worked with a career information expert to figure out jobs where the stress is minimal and the salary is high.

According to Business Insider’s description of its measurement system:

“The “stress tolerance’’ for each job is a rating on a scale from zero to 100, where a lower rating signals less stress. It measures how frequently workers must accept criticism and deal effectively with high stress on the job. The data was gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Information Network(O*NET).’’

The top five, in order of low to high stress were:

1. Materials Scientists: Stress Level – 53.0, Annual Salary (2014) — $94,350

2. Mathematicians: Stress Level – 57.2, Annual Salary (2014) — $104,350

3. Geographers: Stress Level – 58.0, Annual Salary (2014) — $75,610

4. Economists: Stress Level – 58.7, Annual Salary (2014) — $105,290

5. Statisticians: Stress Level – 59.0, Annual Salary (2014) — $84,010

See the rest of Business Insider’s list, which has 24 total occupations, here.


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