New Gmail extension could be valuable for job-seekers

The tracking feature ‘Bananatag’ shows when email attachments are opened.

No more wondering, “Have they even looked at my resume?’’
No more wondering, “Have they even looked at my resume?’’ –Eyes Wide Open/Getty

Few things are as painful as the waiting game that begins after job seekers submit an application, wondering whether their potential employer has even opened their resume or cover letter. A new Gmail extension called ‘Bananatag’ could remove some of that guesswork.

Forbes reports the new attachment-tracking feature shows which pages or slides of documents are read or skipped in real time, providing engagement data similar to what’s gathered by many websites, but now for anyone hoping to track file attachments. Bananatag also lets users schedule messages, set up email reminders, or see when a contact clicks on a link.


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The catch? It’s only available for paid plans starting at $6.25 per month. But with over 200,000 clients so far, Bananatag could make attachment tracking the norm, Forbes points out.

While watching a CV go unread for months could drive job seekers crazy, at least they’d have a better hunch as to when to send a follow-up email or pursue other prospects.

You can read the full Forbes story here.

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