Secure the Promotion you Deserve

Secure the Promotion you Deserve

Ask the Job Doc.
Ask the Job Doc. –

Q. I have been asked to do work that is closer to my boss’s job, and I want to, but I want the title that goes with it. How do I make that happen? There is no real career path, and she says I have to prove I can do the work before any promotion or title change happens.

A. You have been given a great opportunity to prove just what your skills are, and it sounds like you want the promotion before you demonstrated that you have earned it. Every employee wants a more prestigious title, or the money that goes with a job with more responsibility, but you have to demonstrate your capability first.


Why is it you don’t just thank her for the opportunity, and do a great job at the highest level of performance you can, so that she can see that you are capable, and willing to do more? Below are some tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Start with a good attitude. Be part of the team, and let it show. If your behavior shows you are aggravated, or disappointed, anything you so will be shadowed with that tone.
  • Make your boss’s life easier. Take charge of tasks or projects that you know stress her out or that she doesn’t have time for. Freeing up your boss’s time will allow her to focus on management and company needs, and she’ll appreciate your insight.
  • Follow through on projects and deliver your best work every time. When you’re given a project, take ownership of it and make sure it gets completed. It’s easy to stray off task and put off mundane or tedious work; don’t let that happen.
  • Avoid office gossip and politics. Keep a clear head and your eye on your goal. Don’t let others’ words influence your performance.
  • Stay positive. Demonstrating your capability won’t happen overnight. You need to gain trust and trust is built over time. Just because you are not rewarded immediately does not mean your hard work is going unnoticed.
  • Show that you are committed to your role and the company. Take the time to talk with fellow employees and engage with your peers. Give suggestions and feedback to improve the company. Everything you do within the company, do with 100 percent effort.

Employees are always eager to work toward the next step in their careers. Don’t forget to focus on the present or that may hinder your future success. If you work hard, prove you’re capable, and continue communicating with your manager, everything else will fall into place.

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