Boston mom with cancer teams with dating app to find daughter love via Times Square billboard

“I guess there was a little bit more urgency to see my daughter well-settled with a wonderful man."

Beth and Molly Davis in Times Square. – Facebook

Olivia Rodrigo’s Times Square billboard might have some new competition.

Last week, Beth Davis, a 61-year-old mom from Boston, collaborated with the dating app Wingman to put up a 47-foot-by-25-foot billboard in Times Square reading, “Date my daughter” along with a reference to daughter Molly’s dating profile. 

According to her Wingman profile, Molly, a 30-year-old top performer in medical sales, “tries to improve the lives of everyone around her. She does this by laughing easily and often, as she mostly sees only the good in people.” Beth, Molly’s own wingman, is also pictured on the bottom of the billboard.


However, there is another layer behind Beth’s maternal meddling. Beth Davis told NBC Boston that she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2020, which has now spread to her bones; she says she may not be around long enough to see her daughter find love without her help. 

“I guess there was a little bit more urgency to see my daughter well-settled with a wonderful man,” Beth told NBC Boston during an interview.

To take advantage of the time she has now, Beth decided to take the title of “wingman” up a notch by creating a dating profile for Molly. Eventually, Beth and Molly’s story caught the eye of Wingman founder Tina Wilson, who helped to arrange the Times Square billboard. 

“Beth’s profile embodies everything Wingman is about,” Wilson told “It was selfless, honest, and engaging. It jumped out at me, and I wanted to do what I could to help accelerate her search.”

“I’ve gotten the chance to know both mother and daughter,” Wilson said. “They are an adventurous pair open to new experiences together — this was just one more for them to share.” 


The mother-daughter duo traveled from Boston to Times Square to see their project for themselves. 

“It’s such a trip,” Molly told NBC Boston. “Especially up there next to Gen Z icon Olivia Rodrigo. It’s just crazy.” 

The Davis’s story has gained national and international attention from major news outlets such as the New York Post, The Hill, and even across the pond at the Times and Independent, both based in London.

Though Molly has yet to find her match, the billboard will be displayed at Times Square for the next month. For now, Molly and Beth are having fun sifting through various profiles and responses.

Based on their experiences so far, it looks like Beth and Molly are giving Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album promotion a run for its money.


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