4 youths accused of making bottle bombs

Device was thrown near Quincy home

QUINCY – Four youths were arrested yesterday, accused of making a so-called works bomb and throwing it over a resident’s fence, police said.

Police were called to a South Street home around 8:30 p.m. after a report that an explosive device was thrown over a rear porch, said Quincy police Captain John Duggan.

The youths were arrested at the scene, Duggan said. There was no word on whether the bottle bomb exploded, but Duggan said no one was injured.

On Wednesday night, police responded to a Water Street address in Quincy Center, about a mile from the South Street scene, when a similar bottle bomb exploded at the front door of a 60-year-old man’s home, in what police called a random attack.


Police recovered the remnants of a two-liter plastic bottle and an aluminum explosive device and sent it to a State Police lab.

Police had suspected that youths might have been behind Wednesday’s incident, but Duggan said yesterday that it was too early in the investigation to link that explosion to the youths who were arrested.

Police had been urging residents to alert them if they saw anyone playing with plastic bottles.

The youths arrested yesterday were not identified. Duggan did not immeidately have a list of specific charges.

“Works bombs’’ are made by sealing a chemical and aluminum foil inside a plastic bottle, which builds up pressure inside the sealed plastic until it bursts. The bombs can cause serious injury, according to police.

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