The Knights of the Magical Moon Foundation

Callie Herschfield
Callie Herschfield –Magical Moon Foundation

These are a few of the children who have been knighted by the Magical Moon Foundation and have taken on a mission. The idea is that their projects “would make them stronger,’’ said Donna Green, Magical Moon’s founder, and “it would give everyone around them something to focus on.’’

Mark Conroy (Sir Mark, Sibling Knight): After losing his sister Mary from a brain tumor five years ago, he decided to do chores on the farm every day in her honor.

Hailey Giguere (Lady Hailey, Knight of Hugs): Writing a children’s book, “Piggly Wigglesnout,’’ about a 5-year-old pig getting his first MRI. Hailey said she hopes the book helps young children when they discover they have cancer.


Callie Herschfield (Sir Callie the Conqueror): Learning how to paint. She loves animals and sealife and hopes her paintings bring awareness of perils facing endangered species.

Michael Lanosa (Sir Michael, Knight of the Magical Sun): After making a special brand of lemonade, Michael sells the product at local schools while talking to children about keeping a positive attitude.

Lexie Williams (Sir Lexie, the Legend of Love): Writing a cookbook with an oncologist, a nutritionist, a cook, an author, and a team of taste testers. The book will be distributed to kids with cancer to help them eat healthy.

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