Solarize Newburyport reaches energy milestone

Solarize Newburyport
 has reached a new milestone. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center program has reached Tier 2, meaning that the program now has more than 25 kilowatts of contracted capacity. As a result, everyone who has contracted for a system as well as those who choose to sign up in the future will receive a lower price for their energy: $4.85 per watt, or 8 percent less than the average price per watt statewide. The Solarize Newburyport program is a tiered-volume model. As more people use solar energy, all participants receive better prices. The goal of the program is to reach Tier 5, which requires at least 250 kilowatts of contracted capacity. If the program achieves that goal, participants will receive the lowest price available, $3.95 per watt, or 25 percent less than the statewide average price. Homeowners and small business owners who would like to learn more about Solarize Newburyport are asked to call 978-633-7844 or e-mail [email protected]

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