Beverly woman faces charges for threatening to kill police officers and bomb buildings

A Beverly woman is facing charges for allegedly sending emails to public officials threatening to kill police officers and bomb a hospital.

Ashley Galvin, 20, was arrested Thursday at the Beverly Public Library on charges that include 10 counts of making threats to kill and one count each of threatening to bomb a police station, threatening to bomb a fire station, and threatening to bomb a hospital, Beverly police said.

“I have so much anger towards you people,’’ Galvin allegedly wrote in an email.

The threats began Wednesday and continued Thursday morning, with Galvin at various times trying to extort $100 payments from officials and threatening to burn the library.


She was arrested at the library Thursday afternoon.

Galvin allegedly told investigators she sent the emails in response to unjust treatment from police, fire, EMS, and hospital personnel. She allegedly planned to light a fire in the library bathroom and had also tried to email President Obama, Governor Deval Patrick, and the FBI to tell them about the situation, police said.

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