Anniversary walkway

About 30 people showed up for the Nov. 17 dedication ceremony for the brick walkway constructed as part of Pembroke’s 300th anniversary celebration this year. Located adjacent to the Harry Woods Memorial Bandstand on the town green, the path is intended to be a lasting commemoration of the year-long tercentennial observance. Of the approximately 1,200 bricks in the path, 400 were commemorative ones purchased by residents to support the project and the overall celebration. One of the names in the walkway belongs to Jordan DeRosa, who was provided a free brick as the first Pembroke baby born in 2012. “Today’s residents of our town have created a personal and lasting remembrance of this 300th year in Pembroke history,’’ John Proctor, chairman of the subcommittee that oversaw the brick project, said in a statement. “We hope we have made our future generations proud.’’

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